Blending craftsmanship & technology.
Redefining custom fabrication.

Solati is a leading fabrication and development company specializing in amputee health and prosthetic technologies.

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SolatiFusion Fabrication

With over 70 years of clinical and fabrication experience, a craft passed down from generation to generation, we take pride in providing innovative solutions to the central fabrication of prosthetics. The process of creating custom fabricated products begins with specific needs of amputees and practitioners.

Custom Silicone Fabrication

We work closely with practitioners to provide the type of product necessary for patients’ comfort, and this can be achieved in a number of different ways

Definitive Sockets

The SolatiFusion teams can create a wide range of different prostheses including rafting single and double laminations, flexible inner sockets, and personalized laminations.

Test Sockets

It is critical to have a good fit between the residual limb and the socket. A socket that fits well provides comfort for a residual limb, can prevent injury to the limb, and prevent excessive vertical movement between the socket and limb.

A unique approach blending art and technology

We’ve perfected the intersection of art and sophisticated technology to provide superior amputee outcomes and streamline practitioners workflows. The end result is improving the lives of amputees.

We specialize in CAD-CAM services and traditional upper and lower Prosthetic fabrication.