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100% Custom Interface Silicone Liner


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Solati designs and fabricates only the best-in-class 100% custom interface silicone liner. We believe “one size, fits no one” and that all amputees deserve an interface liner customized for their unique anatomy.

  • Created from a test socket, modified cast, modified 3D scan, existing liner
  • Customized for unique patients needs & lifestyle
  • Amputation Levels: SYME, BK, KD, AK
  • Easy Cleaning for Improved Hygiene

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Janet | South Lake Tahoe, California | 12+ Years of Comfort with Solati GenesisLiner

How the GenesisLiner™ Improves Comfort?

Liner Firmness Silicone Options

Life is Movement

Our Custom Liners are made from high-quality silicone giving you maximum comfort and more freedom to design your ideal liner that matches your lifestyle.

Empowering Adventures to everyday comfort.

We have worked with over 200 practitioners to achieve the perfect fit. We’ve perfected the intersection art and sophisticated technology to provide superior amputee outcomes and streamline practitioners workflows. The end result is improving the lives of amputees.

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