The Craft of Comfort

Solati is a leading fabrication and development company specializing in amputee health and prosthetic technologies committed to improving the quality of life of amputees.

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A unique approach blending art and technology

With over 70 years of clinical and fabrication experience, a craft passed down from generation to generation, we’ve perfected the intersection of art and sophisticated technology to provide superior amputee outcomes and streamline practitioners workflows. The end result is improving the lives of amputees.

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The Solati Mission

Improving the quality of life of amputees

  • Improved Outcomes

    At Solati, our mission is to improve the quality of life of amputees. We do this by innovating products and services that are focused on the needs of the amputee community combing clinical efficacy and real-world qualitative amputee feedback.

  • Continuous Innovation

    The innovation of prosthetics fabrication and product efficacy is improving the quality of lifes of amputees and streamlining practitioners workflows. At Solati, we leverage best-in-class 3D technologies including scanning and printing while continuously refining our processes and products to develop the next generation of innovations.

  • Empowering Practitioners

    Running a practice in today’s healthcare world has become even more complex and challenging, requiring practitioners to focus on effective use of resources and products to produce positive amputee outcomes. Solati provides best-in-class centralized fabrication services and products to empower practitioners to focus on amputees while using clinically proven innovations.