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Revitalizing Amputee Lube

Solati Revitalizing Amputee Lube provides an effortless solution for donning prosthetic suction sockets using a liquid-to-powder formula that prevents irritation and supports healthy skin.
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Prosthetic Anti-Perspirant Aerosol

Solati Anti-Perspirant Aerosol is formulated for use with prosthetics, allowing amputees stay cool by reducing excess sweating. Solati’s unique extra strength formula will surely aid in keeping prosthetic wearers dry and comfortable. Our aerosol is perfect for those who wear gel liners made with thermoplastic material, silicone liners, and/or urethane liners.

Prosthetic Aftercare Spray

Solati Prosthetic Aftercare Spray is a soap-free cleansing agent designed to help remove dirt and excess perspiration from prosthetic liners and sleeves. Its unique formula allows it to work efficiently with hand washing or machine wash settings to effectively clean and restore items back to their original state.